Where can I find instructional VIDEOS for the hyung?

I recommend only three sources:

1.) Action International Martial Arts Association (AIMAA); Master Cho Hee Il


If you study the I.T.F. patterns, then you will want to purchase Master Cho's two-volume video series titled "Tae Kwon Do Hyung (1-10)" and "Tae Kwon Do Hyung (11-20)". The first video covers patterns Chon-Ji through Kwang-Gae while the second covers Po-Eun through Tong-Il. The only drawback to this video series is that it covers only the original 20 I.T.F. patterns. (i.e. it doesn't cover Eui-Am, Moon-Mu, Ju-Che, etc.)

If you study the WTF patterns, again there are two videos to be purchased. The first is "Complete Taegeuk Hyung 1-8 & Koryo". As its name implies, it covers the all eight Taegeuk patterns as well as the pattern Koryo required for black belt (1st dan). The second video, "Complete Taekwondo Hyung (WTF)", covers the remaining eight patterns Keum-Gang through Il-Yo which are required by the WTF for advancement through the dan ranks.

He has just recently published two volumes which cover the Palgue patterns. Volume 1 covers Paluge 1 through 4, and Volume 2 covers patterns 5 through 8.

2,) Legacy CD-ROM from Com-Do Corporation.


If you study the I.T.F. patterns (Chon-Ji, etc.) and you're able to spend $150 on an excellent learning tool, then you could do no better than to purchase this product.  "Legacy" is a 4-CD ROM set that provides excellent video demonstrations of all 24 patterns in the current I.T.F. curriculum.  All of the patterns are performed by I.T.F. black belts.  Each demonstration is filmed from 4 different angles which the user can alternate between during video playback.  The form sequences may be viewed as one continuous feed or step-by-step.  To top it off, this entire production was overseen by General Choi Hong Hi himself.  (Choi Hong Hi is the founder of the I.T.F. and created all of its hyungs.)

In addition to the pattern videos, these discs also include a complete searchable history of Taekwondo, interviews with General Choi and a "Korean Interpreter" that gives native pronounciations of various Taekwondo vocabulary.  As if this weren't enough, a digital version of Choi's entire 15-volume "Encyclopedia of Taekwondo" is included in this set.  The "Encylopedia..." alone, in its print format, costs as much as the Legacy CD-ROM set.

This product's only drawback is its price.  However, it is well worth every penny.  When they put this thing together, they did it right the first time.  It is a superb product that is certain to enhance any student's practice, especially if you are learning or planning on learning the Chon-Ji patterns.

3.) Panther Video Productions


If you are a WTF enthusiast you may wish to check out the series by Master Sang H. Kim. The series is called "WTF Poomse". The eight Taegeuk patterns are spread over the first three videos in the series. After that, patterns Koryo (1st dan) through Han Soo (8th dan) each have their own video tape which you must buy separately.

If you study the ITF patterns then the only videos that you should consider at Panther are the ones by John Chung. He has a 5-volume series that covers the original 20 patterns in the I.T.F. set. Vol. 1 covers Chon-Ji through Yul-Kok. Vol. 2 covers Chung-Gun through Chung-Mu and satisfies the requirements for black belt (1st dan). Vol. 3 includes Kwang-Gae through Gye-Baek (1st and 2nd dan); Vol. 4, Choong-Jang through Choi-Young (3rd and 4th dan); and Vol. 5, Yoo-Shin through Tong-Il (5th and 6th dan). Master Chung is an excellent model for how the ITF hyung should be performed. The drawback here is that the series is spread out over 5 video tapes, thus incurring a greater cost.