Why should I bother emailing?

Emailing your questions and criticism to me help me in a variety of ways. First, it allows me to better understand what content is lacking on the site and helps me find the most helpful and viable solution. This, in turn, allows the site to grow and become a better "fit" for its users.

Second, your questions tell me what I haven't been clear on and what most people find either difficult or confusing about the format of the site. If I find these questions being asked again and again, I add them to my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list. The FAQs allow me to disseminate commonly requested information in the least amount of time, improving my services to you. It also keeps my email "inbox" at a manageable level. This allows me to more quickly serve those who have questions that are not directly addressed in the FAQs.

This is where your email becomes such a valuable asset. It provides needed feedback on the site's usefulness, and directly results in helping others through the addition of new material. It also helps the user directly by allowing me to provide timely feedback and clarification on technique, patterns, and other questions pertaining to your individual study.

You may email any questions, comments or criticism to rshroyer@bigfoot.com at any time.