Why don't you have pictures or videos on your web site?

This site began as a way for me to have notes on all the forms I had studied (or was studying) so that I could print them and review a pattern anywhere, anytime with only a couple sheets of paper. There was, at the time, no need for photographs or videos since I already knew the patterns or had seen them demonstrated. Also, at the time I began this project (1992-3), putting photographic images up on a free hosting site (like Tripod or GeoCities) consumed a lot of the space they made available, and video was out of the question considering space requirements for such a thing.

Now, however, nearly everything has changed. My site is more user-oriented (I hope), instead of me-oriented. While the transcriptions were originally intended to be printed out and used only as notes to what one was already studying, I realize that many people use them as an opportunity to learn new patterns or pattern sets that, perhaps, are not taught at their school. In addition, image and (more importantly) video is more widely supported and easier to handle via the web than it was just 5 years ago. This has led me to more serious considerations of posting video demonstrations of the patterns to my web site.

The major problem (for me) at the moment is hardware. I do not own a digital video camera, but am planning on purchasing one in the future for the purpose of this site. I also need to upgrade to (i.e. "buy") a higher end computer than the one that is currently in my service. It just doesn't have what it takes to help me create the quality video clips that I would want to offer this sites' users. I will keep this FAQ entry up to date as these problems are being worked out. As soon as I can make web-fed videos available to you, it will be my top priority.