NOTEThis is an example of the advancement requirements for 1st Dan Black Belt through 9th Dan Black Belt.  Again, this is only an example -- all elements are subject to instructor's preference and requirements.  The matrix below does not represent any official requirements as set forth by the I.T.F., W.T.F., or similar governing body.  However, these are requirements as reported by several sources from each of the aforementioned organizations.

Advancement Matrix For 1st Dan through 9th Dan

For Advancement From ... ITF Pattern WTF Pattern Time Required
1st Dan to 2nd Dan Po-Eun & Kae-Baek Keumgang 1.5 yrs (18 months) as 1st dan
2nd Dan to 3rd Dan Eui-Am, Choong-Jang & Juche / Ko-Dang Taebaek 3 yrs (36 months) as 2nd dan
3rd Dan to 4th Dan Sam-Il, Yoo-Sin & Choi-Young Pyeongwon 3.5 yrs (42 months) as 3rd dan
4th Dan to 5th Dan Yon-Gae, Ul-Ji & Moon-Moo Sipjin 4 yrs (48 months) as 4th dan
5th Dan to 6th Dan So-San, Se-Jong & Tong-Il Jitae 5 yrs (60 months) as 5th dan
6th Dan to 7th Dan None Cheonkwon 6 yrs (72 months) as 6th dan
7th Dan to 8th Dan None Hansoo <none>
8th Dan to 9th Dan None Ilyo <none>

NOTE:  Only patterns and time requirements corresponding to advancement are listed.  The reason for this is the degree to which other requirements vary at the black belt (and above) level.

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